21-Day Own Your Core Challenge

21-Day Own Your Core Challenge

22 Seasons

Welcome to your 21-day, move based core challenge! Each day you will have one, rep based mat core movement - and one, timed cardio core exercise. Each movement will have a tutorial video to go along with it, and your cardio core exercise even has a timer to hold us accountable for the minute! Every mat core movement is unique, and the rep count will increase as the weeks go on. You will have 2 different cardio core movements each week that you will alternate each day - the hope is each time you hit the exercise you increase in intensity and/or reps ⚡️. You can do this challenge as a standalone, or you can do these movements in addition to the classes recommended on our site/app!

Equipment: Bodyweight, 1 Dumbbell, or 1 Kettlebell, Mat

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21-Day Own Your Core Challenge
  • Dead Bug

    Episode 1

    Week 2 Day 6
    Reps: 50 [25 per side]
    Equipment: None

    - Begin lying on the floor and drawing your shoulders down away from your ears. To get into the starting position, lift your hands so your elbows are above your shoulders with your fists facing in toward each other.
    - Lift your legs so your kne...

  • Mountain Climbers

    Episode 2

    Week 2
    Time: 60-seconds
    Equipment: None

    - Begin in a high plank position. Draw one knee up towards the center of your chest.
    - In one smooth motion, begin switching your legs, keeping your arms in the same position.