5-24 Minutes

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  • Arm Tone

    Welcome to arm tone! We have 4 exercises that will be performed twice for a complete upper body burn.

    Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells (5-15lb)

  • Total Body Tone

    Bring 2 sets of dumbbells and meet me on the mat for a hinge and pull based workout. This is a great full body workout that puts a strong emphasis on your posterior chain

  • Obliques Tone

    Join me for an obliques/abdominal focused class! The first circuit will consist of all mat-based work, the second circuit will be total body, core stabilizer exercises.

    Equipment: 1 Medium Dumbbell (8-15lb)

  • Power Core

    Power Core is a mat-based abdominal workout. From heel drops, to planks, to V-Ups; you will work every inch of your core!

    Equipment: None!

  • Bodyweight Tabata 01

    Tabata is 20 seconds all out activity, 10 seconds of rest - 8 times through. This class has 3 rounds of bodyweight, heart pumping exercises. No equipment needed to get a full cardio workout. Get ready to sweat beads of accomplishment in just 20 minutes!

    Equipment: None!

  • Flex In Five 01

    Perfect for when you only have a few minutes to get your sweat in, or just want to add an extra burn to your routine. Join me in this quick, arm-focused workout that also targets your shoulders, core, and back. Guaranteed to pack a quick punch!

    Equipment: Light Dumbbells (2-5lb)