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Core Kickstarter

12 Seasons

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Core Kickstarter
  • Cardio Core Tabata

    Episode 1

    Tabata is 20 seconds all out activity, 10 seconds of rest - 8 times through. This session focuses on the core in 2 ways: through core specific exercises, and total body movements that promote core stabilization. Get ready to get sweaty!

    Equipment: 1 Moderate (8-12lb) + 1 Strong (12-15lb+) Dumbbell

  • Mat Core 02

    Episode 2

    Have 8 minutes to spare? Meet me on the mat and let's work through the core in this mini bodyweight burner! This class is perfect for after a run or cycle ride, or to tack onto any Kristina Earnest on Demand workout!

    Equipment: None

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