Core Kickstarter

Core Kickstarter

13 Seasons

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Core Kickstarter
  • Pyramid HIIT 04

    Episode 1

    Alternate 2 moves for 30, 45, and 60 seconds a piece! Your intervals will increase in time as you work up the pyramid, and decrease in time as you head back down. This quick burner will build a sweat quickly. Bring dumbbells and a sweat towel - this one gets the job done!

    Equipment: Strong Dumbb...

  • Mat Core 07

    Episode 2

    Have 13 minutes to spare? Meet me on the mat and let's work through the core in this bodyweight burner! This class is perfect for after a run or cycle ride, or to tack onto any Kristina Earnest on Demand workout. These 6 exercises are a progressive take on my go-to movements for an efficient, abd...