New This Week

  • KE Express Series

    2 seasons

  • Day One: Total Body Tabata

    Tabata is 20 seconds all out activity, 10 seconds of rest - 8 times through. You'll be completing 3 rounds working your total body. It is designed to build up a sweat quickly and efficiently! TRAINER TIP: Take note of your arms in your swings vs. cleans. In a swing, arms are at full extension awa...

  • Day Two: Upper Body Strength

    This upper body session combine movements that are designed to strengthen your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. I hope you enjoy this class as it offers a broader focus of upper-body strengthening!

    Equipment: Moderate (8-12lb), and Strong (12-15lb+) Dumbbells

  • Day Three: Cardio HIIT

    Want a quick sweat without equipment? I got you! One, 6 move circuit to lift your heart rates quickly. Perform each move for 30 seconds before heading to the next.

    Equipment: None

  • Day Four: Lower Body Strength

    This lower body session delivers a glutes and legs workout to work the biggest muscles in your body.

    Equipment: Strong Dumbbells (12-15+lb)

  • Day Five: Mat Core

    Mat Core is a mat-based abdominal workout. From crunches to planks, you will work every inch of your core!

    Equipment: None

  • Day Six: Mini Band Tabata

    Tabata is 20 seconds all out activity, 10 seconds of rest - 8 times through. Bring a mini band for 3 rounds of Tabata! With moves using the mini band around your quads, shins or wrists - this class targets your total body in just 19 minutes for a super efficient sweat session.

    Equipment: Mini Lo...

  • Day Seven: Mobility + Tone

    This workout focuses on mobility and toning exercises. Lubricate your joints and lengthen your muscles, all while defining and toning on your mat! There will be five sequences, we will cycle through them twice.

    Equipment: None