Program 01 [4 WKS]

Program 01 [4 WKS]

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Program 01 [4 WKS]
  • Upper Body Strength 03

    Episode 1


    This upper body session combine movements that are designed to strengthen your arms, chest, shoulders, and back. I hope you enjoy this class as it offers a broader focus of upper-body strengthening!

    Equipment: Moderate (8-12lb), and Strong (12-15lb+) Dumbbells


    Episode 2

    [Click video for a bit of information about LISS. This is not a workout video 💗] LISS stands for low-intensity steady-state cardio. As its name suggests, it is any form of cardio exercise where you maintain the same low-intensity cardio pace (that is, a steady-state) for a set period of time. Thi...

  • Total Body Tabata 05

    Episode 3

    Tabata is 20 seconds all out activity, 10 seconds of rest - 8 times through. You'll be completing 3 rounds working your total body - all movements require zero equipment. It is designed to build up a sweat quickly and efficiently!

    Equipment: None
    Air Date: September 19, 2021

  • Lower Body Strength Fundamentals

    Episode 4

    This lower body session delivers a glutes and legs workout to work the biggest muscles in your body. Think stronger dumbbells and lots of strength. This is part of a 5-class series that will offer a focus on form, concentration, and multiple ways to target your lower body.

    Equipment: Strong Dumb...


    Episode 5

    [Click video for some tips on your Cardio day. This is not a workout video 💗] Ready to get sweaty? Take your intensity up today - I like bringing intervals (Tabata/HIIT) to a bike, or running intervals outdoors or to a treadmill. Aim for 20-45 minutes per session. Want some ideas? Check out the "...

  • Total Body Strength Fundamentals

    Episode 6

    Get ready for a full-body class designed to strengthen through a series of dynamic exercises. After your warm-up, you'll work into a compound movement circuit, and wrap with 2 powerful tabata rounds. I can't wait to see your check-in FLEX! This is part of a 5-class series that will offer a focus ...

  • Rest
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    No workout video today 💕 This is your day to recover and reward your body for all it's hard work!