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Flex In Five - Double Trouble 02


Up Next in WEEK 01

  • Mat Core 12

    Get ready for core work, squad! After a 2-minute warm up, we have three, 4x2 circuits that either use zero equipment or optional light dumbbells. Guaranteed to feel some heat in your abdominals, and maybe even your shoulders too!

    Equipment: Light Dumbbells (3-8lb)
    Air Date: November 14, 2021

  • Tabata Superset 02

    Tabata is 20 seconds all out activity, 10 seconds of rest - 8 times through. Bring 2 sets of dumbbells for 5 rounds of Tabata! Each Tabata set is a SUPERSET: you will pair two exercises that work the same muscle groups for a powerful burner.

    Equipment: Strong Dumbbells (12-15lb+)
    Air Date: May 2...

  • 1-to-1 Run

    Welcome to your 20-Minute Intervals Run! It is an equal part work-to-rest run with 8 working intervals. Here is a breakdown of the run:

    Warm-Up: Jog with 1 accelerations
    Intervals: Eight, 1-minute efforts followed by 1-minute of recovery. Your speed/intensity will increase after every 2 interva...