21-Day Own Your Core Challenge

21-Day Own Your Core Challenge

22 Seasons

Welcome to your 21-day, move based core challenge! Each day you will have one, rep based mat core movement - and one, timed cardio core exercise. Each movement will have a tutorial video to go along with it, and your cardio core exercise even has a timer to hold us accountable for the minute! Every mat core movement is unique, and the rep count will increase as the weeks go on. You will have 2 different cardio core movements each week that you will alternate each day - the hope is each time you hit the exercise you increase in intensity and/or reps ⚡️. You can do this challenge as a standalone, or you can do these movements in addition to the classes recommended on our site/app!

Equipment: Bodyweight, 1 Dumbbell, or 1 Kettlebell, Mat

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21-Day Own Your Core Challenge
  • Quarter Get-Up

    Episode 1

    Week 1 Day 6
    Reps: 40 [20 per side]
    Equipment: 1 Moderate Dumbbell

    - Lay on a mat on your back, holding a dumbbell extended above your chest.
    - Squeeze your core to lift your torso off the mat, keeping your arm overhead as you drive the opposite elbow down into the ground.
    - Reverse the motion t...

  • Triple Step

    Episode 2

    Week 1 - Movement B
    Time: 60-seconds
    Equipment: None

    - Start in a standing position with one leg lifted and upper body braced.
    - Shuffle quickly to the left three times. On the third step, lift your right leg up to hip height. Quickly shuffle to the right three times and on the third step, lift...