Day 2

Day 2

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Day 2
  • Mat Core 19

    Mat Core is a mat-based abdominal workout. From crunches, to toe drops, to planks; you will work every inch of core in this all levels, no repeat session!

    Circuit 1:
    - Leg Lower
    - Russian Twist
    - Toe Touches
    - Penguin
    - Crunch
    - Spider Climber
    - Single leg stretch
    - Side Plank
    - Cross Body Con...

  • Upper Body Strength 15

    This upper body session combine movements that are designed to strengthen your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back. After your warm-up you will I complete one 9X2 circuit!

    Circuit 1:
    - Hammer Curl
    - Push-Up Variation
    - Standing Chest Fly
    - L Raise
    - Skull Crusher
    - Supine Chest Fly
    - Arnold P...