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Total Body Stretch 04

Low Impact • 16m

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  • Total Body Strength 20

    Get ready for a full-body class designed to strengthen through a series of dynamic movements. After your warm-up, you have three, unique circuits:

    Circuit 1:
    - Bicep Curl
    - Supine Chest Press
    - Goblet Squat
    - RDL

    Circuit 2:
    - Plank Variation
    - Curtsy Lunge Halo
    - Bent Over Row
    - Push Press
    - Sq...

  • Mat Core 18

    Mat Core is a mat-based abdominal workout. From crunches, to toe drops, to planks; you will work every inch of core in this all levels, no repeat session!

    Circuit 1:
    Dead Bug
    Leg Lowers
    Isometric Toe Tap
    Reclining Bicycle Crunch
    Side Plank
    Side Plank
    Bicycle Crunch
    Bird Dog Crunch

  • ABC Mat 03

    This workout is broken up into 3 parts: each focuses on either your lower body, core, or arms. Each section has a 7X2 circuit, delivers a low impact burn, and gets the total body job done. I'll meet you on the mat!

    Circuit 1:
    - Quadraped Kickback
    - Hamstring Curl
    - Leg Pulse
    - Offset Hydrant
    - ...